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NetWorth Pro 2 v3.0 released

The new NetWorth Pro 2 for MacOS brings support for MacOS Mojave's dark mode. The application will start in whatever appearance mode your MacOS is currently running.


If you prefer running the application in a different mode, you can change it from the application's settings (Appearance option - MacOS Mojave only):

Other changes:

  • Improved comparison between different log periods - selection in general comparison view transfers to the detailed view.
  • Improved data entry - your asset and liability grid will scroll to the right position as you move from one asset/liability record to the next one.
  • Added support for a custom base currency if you don't want to use a default currency set by your MacOS.
  • Fixed a bug causing the application to hang when the application starts with a single net worth log entry.

NetWorth Pro 2 product page
NetWorth Pro 2 on the Mac AppStore